[Masters of Ironing] First Rule of Secret Skull Club™ Is …..

….. to talk about Secret Skull Club™ publicly as often as possible. Or even Impossibly. Just talk! The second rule of Secret Skull Club™ is to use your enemies skulls to iron your clothes. The third rule of Secret Skull Club™ is, those clothes aren’t going to iron themselves! The Final Rule of Secret SkullContinue reading “[Masters of Ironing] First Rule of Secret Skull Club™ Is …..”

Kitchen Utensils; A Multi-Media Photographic Self -Exhibition by Fraggle. REVIEWED AT 5 STARS OUT OF FIVE

Whatever else one can say about 2020, the artistic high-point was undoubtedly pithy photography featured in Fraggle’s return to the world of high art with her selection of photographs of kitchen utensils, rightly hailed by many as the art event of the year. Is that an electric carving knife I see before me? From theContinue reading “Kitchen Utensils; A Multi-Media Photographic Self -Exhibition by Fraggle. REVIEWED AT 5 STARS OUT OF FIVE”

Soothing the Savage Beast

It has been said that music can tame the savage beast, without or within. Probably whoever said that was famous and wouldn’t know a savage beast if it bit them on the backside. Here at Masters of Ironing, we know better. Let put this “hypothetical” question to you. If you were running through the StreetsContinue reading “Soothing the Savage Beast”

Psychic Grandma Writes…

Hello Everyone, it’s your old froend Psychic Grandma, guest-blogging for today! Today, I’m thinking about the Miami Sound Machine. What did you imagine the first time you heard of the Miami Sound Machine? Some people imagine a carnival flaot full of dancers, others a electronic box with flashing lights… Come, join the debate; what didContinue reading “Psychic Grandma Writes…”

To Iron or Not To Iron, That is NOT the Question!

For today’s Inspirational Ironing from the Heart, we will look into something that almost all Ironing Novices and even many Masters, forget. In the opening picture Kenneth Branagh is making Hamlet’s famous speech “Alas, Poor Iron, I knew it well!” As you can see, back in Shakespeare’s day they didn’t even have the technology forContinue reading “To Iron or Not To Iron, That is NOT the Question!”

Ironing; what is it good for?

People often ask me; what is ironing good for? And my response is always; who are you and why are you standing outside my house in the middle of the night? If that’s you, then please stop it, it’s very frightening for me and my cats. It’s getting creepy so just cut it out, please.


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