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Library Pictures (Interior)

Sigh. There’s been a little speculation about the contents of our new library, so I thought I’d nip any idle derision in the bud by posting this fresh pic, that shows indeed that we have a library that Andrew Carnegie Hall himself would be proud of! We value books and literature here, and there’s even…

Will Skynet Do My Ironing?

One of the greatest dreams of mankind for many years has been to make all the necessary chores of everyday life become obsolete. We often joke about robots doing our laundry or vacuuming our floors, but what about something as mundane as ironing? Could Skynet, in all its robotic glory, ever begin to provide some…


After several years of using the emergency travel iron, and swearing every time the cord got tangled in the end of the ironing board, I decided a new iron was in order as the cord is deteriorating badly now. Not an easy decision as there are so many on the market. I perused Amazon, reading…

The Big Bins of Rake House Farm.

For my first submission to the Binstagram Department of The esteemed Masters of Ironing Blog, I am showcasing The Big Bins of Rake House Farm. Set in a rural (but metamorphosing into urban as I write) landscape owned by the avaricious Duke of Northumberland, these Titans of trash are locked in their own quarters and…

Is THIS the bin that inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula?

Edinburgh; Binstagram Mania!

The scene above; Lord Rockingham’s Castle, the centre of the world’s biggest continuously running festival. A giant slide projector projects friendly messages from the assorted villagers pictured, in this case the message Hi Ya Pal, a local greeting. Welcome to the Edinburgh festival, and a selection of photos that capture the two faces of a…

Greetings from Edinburgh: City of Bins!

Here’s a snap to dispute the unfounded assertions of one Canada-based critic who claimed over the weekend that I was not in Edinburgh. Here’s a snap I took of George Square. Fact! The pic SHOWS that it happened! Read it and weep!


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