Win a Lifetime of ironing in our Black-out Quiz!

Here at Masters of Ironing, we love a quiz! This month, we’re looking at classic blackout scenes from movies; here’s a selection, but how many can you guess? All images copyright of Masters of Ironing. No cash alternatives, no timewasters or pervs, thank you. 1. 2. 3. 4. (bit of a tricky one!) 5. andContinue reading “Win a Lifetime of ironing in our Black-out Quiz!”

Kitchen Utensils; A Multi-Media Photographic Self -Exhibition by Fraggle. REVIEWED AT 5 STARS OUT OF FIVE

Whatever else one can say about 2020, the artistic high-point was undoubtedly pithy photography featured in Fraggle’s return to the world of high art with her selection of photographs of kitchen utensils, rightly hailed by many as the art event of the year. Is that an electric carving knife I see before me? From theContinue reading “Kitchen Utensils; A Multi-Media Photographic Self -Exhibition by Fraggle. REVIEWED AT 5 STARS OUT OF FIVE”

Psychic Grandma Writes…

Hello Everyone, it’s your old froend Psychic Grandma, guest-blogging for today! Today, I’m thinking about the Miami Sound Machine. What did you imagine the first time you heard of the Miami Sound Machine? Some people imagine a carnival flaot full of dancers, others a electronic box with flashing lights… Come, join the debate; what didContinue reading “Psychic Grandma Writes…”

VP Debate lacks content, detail on Ironing

Last night’s VP debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence has been lambasted within the ironing community for a lack of clairity, detail on ironing issues. Despite talking for 90 minutes, neither canditate was preperaed to disclose the speed of their washing machines, the type of ironing board they use, and evenpractical ironing tips wereContinue reading “VP Debate lacks content, detail on Ironing”

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