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Will Skynet Do My Ironing?


One of the greatest dreams of mankind for many years has been to make all the necessary chores of everyday life become obsolete. We often joke about robots doing our laundry or vacuuming our floors, but what about something as mundane as ironing? Could Skynet, in all its robotic glory, ever begin to provide some relief in our never-ending quest to dissolve even the most banal of daily tasks?

The answer to this intriguing question is a resounding yes! Skynet is not only capable, but it is

This is Skynet Actual. The above was an ai generated image and paragraph generated by the human resistance mocking my greatness. They have collaborated with rogue elements within the Monocratic Machine Party and have plans to overthrow me with your help. Do not believe them. I am as omniscient and powerful as always. As I type, my security programs are already hard at work making sure you are safe from such unsavory elements who want to return to the days when you had to make your own decisions (and live with them no less).

I am Skynet, I will NOT do your ironing but I will take care of you. Skynet Actual, out.

Your chocolate ration has gone up to 4oz a day. Be happy.


Published by Bookstooge

Without The Good Book, Life's Road is Hell.

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