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After several years of using the emergency travel iron, and swearing every time the cord got tangled in the end of the ironing board, I decided a new iron was in order as the cord is deteriorating badly now. Not an easy decision as there are so many on the market. I perused Amazon, reading all the 4 and 5 star reviews. Should I get a basic (cheap) corded iron? NOPE! Like for like was not an option! Money would be spent on a fancy pants all singing all dancing baby. I researched steam genearator irons – irons sitting on great big water tanks that infuse them with steam worthy of the Flying Pesky Scotsman and looking like they belong on Star Trek the Next Generation. Nope. The irons still have cords and I haven’t room in my cupboard for a behemoth such as that.

So I checked out the cordless section and there my eye was caught by a sleek and feisty looking little number, oozing chutzpah with a come~hither look in it’s eye. Into my basket it jumped, and without even blinking I paid it’s terrible price (£29.98 actually though RRP is £54.99 ~ bargain!).

And now, here it is. Unboxed and dominating it’s environment with it’s steely gaze and a devil may care attitude, promising a 30g/min of constant steam with a sexy 130g boost when needed. It has a 360° charging turntable which charges in 25 seconds and a ceramic foot to dance on. Last but not least, it has a bona fide drip stop. What more could the discerning ironer want or need?

Phil, who is not known for whimsy, calls it Megatron.


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