Win a Lifetime of ironing in our Black-out Quiz!

Here at Masters of Ironing, we love a quiz! This month, we’re looking at classic blackout scenes from movies; here’s a selection, but how many can you guess? All images copyright of Masters of Ironing. No cash alternatives, no timewasters or pervs, thank you.




4. (bit of a tricky one!)

5. and finally….

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24 thoughts on “Win a Lifetime of ironing in our Black-out Quiz!

      1. I’ve thought spoken that sentence three times now and it makes no sense whatsoever. Then again I don’t speak Scottish so not entirely your fault. Well I’m off to make prawn vol au vents, so play nicely whilst I’m gone.

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      2. There’s a photographer in it who helps get Ross up the ladder but it’s all about Ross getting the top and being miserable when she gets there. PLUS the photographer is stupid and kills himself in a road accident AND injures Ross in the process. PLUS that’s the guy from the Hitchcock movie with the bint in the shower and I don’t like him. So it’s not ALL about photography, it’s a minor plot assist.

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  1. 1. Paint it Black
    2. Blackout
    3. Black: The Dark Side of Noir
    4. A Lack of Colour Out of Space
    5. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

    That’s how you do it. All correct, and all properly numbered.

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    1. Nope, sorry, Alex, none of these are right, or in the right order. Nice try, admire your enthusiasm, but it’s not as easy as it look at home! Not far out with answer 2, but I have to stick with the name on the answer sheet. Shame!


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