Kitchen Utensils; A Multi-Media Photographic Self -Exhibition by Fraggle. REVIEWED AT 5 STARS OUT OF FIVE

Whatever else one can say about 2020, the artistic high-point was undoubtedly pithy photography featured in Fraggle’s return to the world of high art with her selection of photographs of kitchen utensils, rightly hailed by many as the art event of the year.

Is that an electric carving knife I see before me? From the first picture, the viewer is confronted with deep meaning, the breadbin lurking menacingly behind the action, it’s name almost out of focus, challenging the viewer’s perceptions of meaning and reality. It’s a bold opening; what then should we think of a work like Vegetable Peeler, which features both carrots and parsnips peeling peeled with a specific utensil? What value should we put on salt? 59p?

Teaspoons, Garlic clove peelers, the weight of diversity of evident throughout these thoughtful compositions, with the smiley face watch reminding us all that our time to enjoy these images is limited. But such thoughts are dispelled by the huge magnificence of ‘cheese grater’, and the final composition of ‘mum’s carving knife’ creates a space for the viewer to make up their own mind about what they have seen.

Fraggle’s inspired work around the theme of cooking a Christmas meal will go down as a milestone in the creation of heart-stopping, electrifying photography on the theme of making an effective cauliflower cheese. Some may complain about the lack of a specific recipe for cheese sauce, but that’s the artists’ choice. A certainly for the 2021 Turner Prize, Fraggle’s Kitchen Utensils is just the artistic tonic we need to blow away the cobwebs of 2020, and beginning to build an new and exciting world in 2021!

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9 thoughts on “Kitchen Utensils; A Multi-Media Photographic Self -Exhibition by Fraggle. REVIEWED AT 5 STARS OUT OF FIVE

  1. Incredible! Bravo! *some italian word meaning both*

    I am glad you mentioned the menacing nature of the breadbin. That had me wondering if I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. I was actually wondering if Psychic Grandma was inside it, the aura of menace was so strong!

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