15 thoughts on “Toaster

  1. Hmmmm, I have to admit, I was expecting a bit more in the “Battlestar Galactica” kind of “toaster”. Something sleek and in a little red dress? This one doesn’t look like it could fit into a little red dress if it’s life depended on it…


      1. Fraggle is a lady. YOU are a stodgy ol’ stodge (whatever one of those actually are). Hence my comment differential.
        Quality schmality. Give me sexy garlic presses! With sunglasses!

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      2. Quality? Aren’t you the man who thinks Rapscallion is a great man? And that Michael Caine was in a bad movie?

        Sir, your statement impugns my honor. I demand satisfaction.

        Tea cups at dawn. 3 paces, turn and may the best man walk away dry!

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      3. Tea, my good man, T-E-A!
        With my superhuman blogging powers, anything is possible. Especially if I believe in myself enough. Not even Psychic Grandma can stop me now. I am a Juggernaut, a veritable rolling tower of doom, a Mountain, a, a, hmmm, give me a second.
        A bloated tosspig of inexpressibles!

        What? That can’t be right. Ok, the internet is out to get me today.

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