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Psychic Grandma & The Ironing T200 – A Tale of Terror, Mystery and Daring-do!

I am afraid I’ve deceived you dear reader. This will NOT be a horrifying tale of Terror, Mystery and Daring-do. What you are beholding with your amazed eyes is the culmination of years of effort on my part …… to become an Ironing Master! My sensei decided that before I could join the Elite GuardContinue reading “Psychic Grandma & The Ironing T200 – A Tale of Terror, Mystery and Daring-do!”

Irons in the Fire?

Ironing isn’t just for Christmas, people around the world iron, not just as a televised event, but practicing at home like real pros! But why do we love ironing so much? Why do celebrities post snaps of their ironing, and why is ironing the number one way of meeting new people in 2020? In Iron-tober,Continue reading “Irons in the Fire?”

My Beautiful Laudrette

While it’s nice to get a whiff of fresh laundry from your basement, there’s nothing quite like a trip to a great laundry; I had one just round the corner when I lived on 23rd street. Get up early, fill a bag with washing, grab some quarters, and sprint down to a laundrette that wasContinue reading “My Beautiful Laudrette”

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